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Welcome to the Keswick Ridge Quilters. The first meeting of a group of interested quilters, who became the Keswick Ridge Quilters, was held in October of 2005, with the group officially constituted in January of 2006. 

Our guild was a little different from most in that we had a quilt show before we had a guild!  In October 2005 a quilt show was held in the historic Normal school on Keswick Ridge, under the auspices of the Keswick Ridge Historical Society.  A list was available to sign at that show for people interested in forming a quilt guild in the area.  With 30-40 names on the list it was clear that the interest was there, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Meeting dates:  The Guild meets the second Monday of each month from September to June at the Riverside Resort located by the Mactaquac Dam.  The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30).

 Should it become necessary to cancel regular scheduled general meetings (weather, etc) the meeting will be automatically rescheduled to the following Monday subject to site availability.

Monthly meetings:  The meetings consist of announcements, program (a work project, a guest speaker, etc.), break, business and show-and-tell.  Show-and-tell is an opportunity for members to display a project they are working on – finished or unfinished.

Membership dues:  Our membership fee is $25/year – June to May.  Anyone joining after February 1, the fee is $15 for the remainder of the year (reviewed annually).

book:  Please sign in at each meeting.

Workshops/Workdays/Super Saturdays:

Unless otherwise stated, Super Saturdays are held the first Saturday of each month.   Usually, a combination of workshop and workday is offered.  You can

a)    bring your own project and enjoy the company of others, where more experienced quilters are available to help new quilters; or

b)   join a workshop which concentrates on a specific project or quilting technique, and is taught by a leader for a fee.


Cancellation of meetings:  If a meeting needs to be cancelled, you will receive an e-mail at least 24 hours before the meeting.  In urgent cases (due to storms, e.g.) you will be called by telephone.  When no telephone committee is named, a telephone chain may be set up, i.e., you get notified and asked at the same time to call 5 other people.  Quilters without e-mail will (or have) identified a “buddy” who will call them;  this buddy will also notify them of Minutes of Meetings, notifications, specifics for workshops, etc.

Guests:  Guests are more than welcome, but a maximum of 2 visits please.  New members are always welcome.

 General Info:  If you have any comments or concerns please contact a member of the Executive.




a)    Term shall be defined as one year.

b)   Year shall be defined from June to May for the purpose of membership dues and committee positions.

c)    Executive shall be defined as consisting of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

d)   Board shall be defined as the Executive and Committee Chairs.

2.    Terms of Office:

a)    Secretary – two terms

b)   Treasurer – two terms (Note:  the Secretary and Treasurer terms end on alternate years)

c)    President/Vice President – total of two terms:  one term as Vice-President, followed by one term as President.

d)   Chairs of Committees – one term, unless otherwise stated; chairs may renew for one more term.


3.      After serving in any of the above elected positions, a member must then sit out for at least one year before accepting another elected position.

4.      Membership dues should be reviewed annually.

5.      Membership dues for the next year are to be paid by the May meeting.

6.      The Executive may approve to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00) without consulting with the membership.

7.      Elections take place yearly at the May meeting, with reminders going out at the previous April meeting.

8.      Should it become necessary to cancel a regularly scheduled guild meeting (e.g., weather), the meeting will automatically be rescheduled for the following Monday (subject to availability of room).  The decision to cancel will be made by the President, Secretary and Program Chair by 3 p.m. in the afternoon.  The Phone Chair will be notified immediately.



The Executive:

Will chair monthly meetings and call and chair executive meetings; she, or her designate, will represent the guild at public functions; will help to resolve any differences and will ensure that policies of the guild are followed; she will have the ability and willingness to delegate responsibilities and to encourage new ideas while involving all members; she will maintain a binder of relevant documents to pass on to the next president.  A one-term position.
Will assume the president’s responsibilities in the absence of the president; will be willing to assume the position of president the following year and will lead special projects as assigned; will chair the Nominating Committee.  A one-term position.
Will maintain the guild’s financial records; collect and deposit all monies paid to the guild and pay out funds as needed, including rental fees for meetings/workshops; will provide financial reports at monthly and executive meetings and lead the budgeting process.  A two-term position.
Will record monthly and executive meeting minutes; will handle guild correspondence, including sending all occasion cards when appropriate, and maintain records of guild happenings.  A two-term position.



Program Committee:
This committee ensures that a program of approximately one hour is provided for each monthly meeting; will make arrangements with any speakers and introduce the speaker/program.  Consists of two members, including the committee chair.  The chair is a one-term position, but may be renewed for a second term.
Super Saturday Committee (formerly workshops & workdays)
This committee plans workshops and projects for the year, based on the needs and interests of guild members.  It will arrange for instructors, handouts, etc., ironing boards and irons when needed, and will ensure that the workshops run smoothly; it will provide information to members on upcoming workshops, collects fees and issues receipts to participants , then transfers the money (with paperwork) to the treasurer; it will compile and maintain a list of available instructors, and will survey the members for ideas regarding future workshops.  The committee will consist of three members, including the chair, and will reflect a variety of interest and ability levels.  The chair is a one-term position, but may be renewed for a second term.
Membership Committee
The membership chair will keep an updated list of members, their phone numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses, and will provide Executive and Committee chairs with said list; will collect membership fees and issue receipts and membership cards.  This committee will consist of one person who may ask for any help she deems necessary.  This position is for one term, but may be renewed for another term.
Facility Committee
This committee ensures that a suitable facility is available and made ready for meetings, special events, etc. and will look after a “greeters roster” which will be circulated at each September meeting. The people on the roster will greet members at meetings, pass out information, and submit roll call.  When using facilities other than the Riverside Resort, will make sure that the meeting space is unlocked and heated; will ensure that tea/coffee/milk/cream is provided when appropriate and payment is collected for them; will remind members that tables and chairs have to be stacked after each event. This committee consists of the chair and one other person.  The chair is a one-term position, but may be renewed for one more term.
Telephone Committee
The chair will maintain a roster of members who will telephone other members and pass on messages deemed necessary by the Executive; will work with the Membership Committee to keep the phone list updated; will work with the Vice-President on the Nominating Committee.  The committee will consist of 5-7 members (depending on the size of membership), including the Chair.  The chair is a one-term position, but may be renewed for another year.
Library Committee
Will maintain the collection of books, update it as appropriate and keep a master list of the collection; lend and receive books to members, issue fines
Fat Quarter Committee
Will provide and sell tickets on fat quarters at each meeting, the money to go towards a community project to be determined by the membership.  This committee consists of one person.  This is a one-term position, but may be renewed for a second term.
Archive Committee
Will create/maintain a scrap book of guild events; record a history of the guild, collect newspaper clippings and obituaries of members, keep a list of yearly membership; will photograph events.  Consists of the chair who will keep the records and another member who will act as photographer.  This is a one-term position, but may be renewed for another term.
Comfort Quilts and Community Projects
The Keswick Ridge Quilters provide quilts to various individuals and groups in the community.  These quilts provide comfort to individuals in need, and assist groups in raising money for worthwhile projects.  This Committee suggests projects to the guild and organizes the creation of the quilts by the members.   The committee consists of the chair and as many other members as she deems necessary.  This is a one-term position, but may be renewed for another term.
Quilt Show Committee
Will manage the guild’s quilt show,  usually held every second year, as determined by the guild; will arrange for location, date and registration of quilts, volunteers to staff the show, publicity, food, etc;  will consist of the chair and as many members as the chair deems necessary.  The chair is a one-term position, but may be renewed for another quilt show term.



Super Saturdays are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless otherwise stated.

1.  If you bring your own projects, you can work in the company of others:

 - everyone works on different items/projects

- others can help if requested

- cost:  $5.00 per day

- no structure

- may be used as a venue for community projects


2.  If you have joined a workshop:

 - specific project/technique

- someone will lead/teach the project

- at the end of the day you will have completed a project or will have the means (patterns, tools) to complete the project at home

- cost:  $10.00 plus cost of teacher plus cost of pattern, usually no more than $20.00 per day.

3.  You need to bring:

- sewing machine / equipment

- mat, rulers, cutters, scissors, etc. (others will share with you if you forget)

- lunch (to be purchased at the restaurant in the Resort (specials are available); if the venue is a church or school, bring your own lunch

- each project will have different fabric requirements.  This information will be passed out at the meeting preceding the workshop.






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