Wednesday, 16 November 2022

November 2022 Meeting show and tell!

 We all met on November 14 at the hall once again.  Our meeting agenda was moved around a little bit as we were doing a 'make and take' item for our program that Heather O organized for us! 

I think most would agree that it was a fun time!

We made these gnomes - sorry mine is the only one that I have a photo of!

DIY Gnome Tassel Ornaments – Kay Christine Blog

Heather also showed us some other cute ideas for Christmas decor!

This is just one way to make the cathedral window ornament:

Cathedral Window Ornament With Free Pattern (

Then she showed us this folded Christmas tree napkin:

StitchCraft of Boca: Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial (

Thanks Heather for the fun!

Our show and tell was great once again! (I need some better adjectives ha)

Diane S made this great pot holder/glove!

Amal made these from her scraps from her quilt - she's not sure how she will use them yet - except to admire them!

Amal's quilt from a charm pack - its a sweet quilt and the border was quite a hit as well!

This is Amal's project from a Sherida Giddings class!

I wish my photos were a bit closer - but this quilt was designed by Elaines Granddaughter- she decided what would be on the quilt.  It turned out so good!

Heather made this little basket to hold tools - to keep it standing - use a rock! 

Gorgeous Tea Time placement from our class with Sheridan Giddings!  Heather followed the suggested quilting and it is perfect!

Pam's first scrappy quilt! There's alot of flying geese on this one!
Pam also quilted this using 'big stitch' - by drawing swirly on the blocks and stitched them by hand.  Shes not sure she'll do that again haha
She didnt think that the back was 'much' but we sure did! you could see those stitches and the pieced backing (a giant flying goose) was a nice touch!

another shot of that one!

Pam also created this one - she's not sure if it will be table topper or a wall hanging.

She didn't have a pattern and had to figure it out on her own! Good job Pam!

Jodi made a couple of projects that Andrea had showed us at the October meeting - she said that they were pretty quick to come together! One is a project bag and the other a sort of 'makeup bag' - I'm sure there is another name for them!

 Sweet panel quilt made by Gisele for her nieces first baby!  she is going to make a pink ring to circle the number.  also it's hard to see but the baby's name is embroidered in the middle.

Gisele whipped up this advent calendar from a panel as well!
Gisele made a project bag - again from a kit that Andrea had at the last meeting  -then she made another using some dollar store finds (the vinyl and zipper).  Nice Gisele! Way to be creative!
A couple of placements from Debbi Delong! She made them with one block wonder setting in mind.  The turned out great!

Andrea showed us this quilt - it was meant to be bigger however the blocks were teeny tiny and many many pieces so now - it is what it is!

Sorry I have a terrible photo! the white strips are a panel cut into these sections - you cannot see it but it's a tree - sorry Andrea! 
A sweet scrap quilt made from the scraps of a larger red and white quilt!
A charm square quilt made by Andrea! very sweet!
the next few photos are wreaths (or table toppers) made by Melanie - they are a free pattern found here:

Christmas Wreath Mini Quilt & Tilda Cottage | A Free Pattern! • Wife-made

Melanies match her receivers decor! They turned out awesome!

Carlinda has had this musical fabric to make aprons for Harvest Jazz and Blues - she combined her love of that with the 3 yard quilt patterns! I did not get a shot of the back but she used the same fabric on the back - it was great! 
Another '3-yard' quilt pattern and that same fabric! Good job Carlinda!

Carlinda made these for her dads neighbors who have been checking in on him.  So kind!  The placemats are made from a panel! Very nice! 

Linda made this table runner - such a simple design - but lovely!

Hockey pillow case!

These place mat/table runners are really sweet in person and a great use of some of that directional fabric! Great job Linda!

Thanks everyone for bringing your show and tell :) As always it truly is the highlight of my night!

Monday, 7 November 2022

October 17 Show and Tell!

Our October meeting was held on the 17th at the hall.  (Note that this was due to a schedule conflict and the meeting is typically the 2nd Monday of the month.

As usual we had some great show and tell!

This great wallet was shared 

Here's a closer look! (visa master card and american express not included haha)

Debby Hine made this cute table runner!

Lynda Dykeman made these sweet wall hangings!

And this charming quilt!
Natalie Duncan made this one! We were so happy to see Natalie and her daughter back at the meeting!
Gisele made this gorgeous bag!
A spooky table runner by Joyce Slipp
Christa Gunn made this one!  She always does a great job with color!

Diane Scott showed us this sweet Bee Quilt - Dianes maiden name was "Neatby"(pronounced Neet-bee) and so she has a fond affection for Bees!  

Whats a quilt without a pillow to match!!
Mrs. Dunphy brought a stool cover to share! 

Our next meeting is November 14!  Please join us and bring along your finished project to share!