Sunday 26 November 2023

An update from the Comfort Quilt team.....


This Tiny Homes Quilt top was made by Sally Hatfield who was a former member but is now at the Cotton Mill. Cherie quilted it and Carlinda squared and bound it.

This Comfort Quilt was made at our Sew Day. Carlinda Daugherty donated the material and also sewed on the binding.

 This CQ was made by Christa from our stash. It was quilted by Cherie and squared and bound by Carlinda.


Sunday 19 November 2023

Keswick Ridge Quilters Show and Tell – October 16 (guest blogger Carlinda Daigle)

Hello friendly quilters!

I was not able to attend the guild meeting in October- so Carlinda stepped up and helped a girl out!

Here are her notes!

 Heather made this beautiful hanging for her home and decided when her daughter’s best friend commented on how much she admired it, so she decided to make two. You always have vibrant colors in your work Heather.

Ella enjoys watching Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics on YouTube.  She saw this tutorial and thought “I can make that!”  So she did.  This was the first time she tried doing a bargello and said that it was easy following Donna’s instructions.  Anyone interested in learning bargello – now you have a resource.


This is Christa’s Trail Mix quilt that she modelled after Gail Mitchell’s concept.  As we all know Christa takes a pattern and makes it her own.  This quilt has been spoken for and will warm the heart of the recipient.  The greens and blues are lovely.

Christa made this lovely baby quilt.  Of course, she hand quilted it as you often does and included a few little appliqued characters along the border.  Nice job.

Reta attended our Dresden Village workshop on October 14 and made this lovely piece.  It is hard to believe that Christmas will be here before we know it.  Beautiful fabric selection Reta.  

Ruth is calling this quilt the Scrappy Stars.  She wasn’t sure what the correct pattern name was so scrappy stars it is.  The fabrics for this quilt were from a collection, Grace, from Moda.  Ruth enjoys making pillows so it was no surprise to see a matching pillow for this beautiful quilt.

A friend asked if I’d make an Irish Chain Quilt for her. It is a gift for her granddaughter who is studying medicine in Ireland. The granddaughter picked the colours; I chose the fabrics.  The quilting is done by Susan Arbeau.  The quilting makes the quilt; it is beautifully done as always!

A friend asked if I’d make an Irish Chain Quilt for her. It is a gift for her granddaughter who is studying medicine in Ireland. The granddaughter picked the colours; I chose the fabrics.  The quilting is done by Susan Arbeau.  The quilting makes the quilt; it is beautifully done as always!

Debbi tried her hand at making fold away tote bags. She feels that there is a bit more tweaking that needs to be done. Can’t wait to see your new improved version.

Evelyn shared this beautiful quilt that she just got back from our fellow member Cherie who quilted it for her. The colours complement each other. Nice job Evelyn! 

Heather found a use for pre-cuts that she won from many of the fun quilting themed games we play.  She does a lovely job making zippered bags.

 Thank you ladies for sharing your projects with us.  

Thanks again for Carlinda for stepping up and helping out - you are a gem!

Thursday 26 October 2023

What a beautiful fall we are having here in Keswick Ridge New Brunswick (and surrounding areas)!

All that warm weather makes us want to stay outside and enjoy it! 

Worried you wont get your projects done in time for Christmas? 

No problem at all!

Our guild can make your Christmas gift giving easy and hand made too!  

While you enjoy those warm temps - our guild members are busy crafting their wares! 

Join us on November 18 at the Keswick Ridge Community hall for our Holiday Market!

(a wide assortment of crafty items!)

We know there is at least one other craft show in the area that day and we encourage you to visit both! Why not make a day of it! Touring our beautiful areas while getting some shopping done!

We hope to see you there!


Thursday 12 October 2023

Comfort quilts (Summer/September edition) !

Enough cannot be said about our guild and how we give back as a group.  Our comfort quilt program always has projects on the go and Joyce and Ruth are always thinking up new ways to get people involved and to help our community in unique ways!

Sept 12 - submitted by Joyce - "This Comfort quilt was made with our batik stash by Kathy Hildebrand at our Workday/ SewDay last year. It was tied at our Tie Day in June and Susan Jones completed the binding on it."

"I am not sure who made this Comfort Quilt top. I believe it was done at our WorkDay/SewDay. Our little group tied it at a WorkDay and Toni O’Brien did the binding. If you find out who did it, I would like to know! 🙂"

"This Comfort Quilt top was made by Pat Fisher and bound by Diane Strong. Our little quilt tying group tied it up."

"Christa made this quilt out of our stash at our SewDay(+ some of her own material).  
I decided to make a pillowcase and found some close to matching fabric in the Guild stash as well as my own. I think this is a much more efficient way of giving out our Comfort Quilts. I’ll just stuff the quilt in the pillowcase and voila! We might need a workday/Sew Day in the fall to complete some more. The pattern I found on Pinterest is really easy. It makes more sense than buying large bags and tissue paper."

And with that I'm caught up! Thank you to Joyce and Ruth for keeping these all straight!


Monday 9 October 2023

October reminders! Meeting and workshops!

Just a reminder! our October meeting will take place on October 16 2023 instead of the usual October 9 2023.  Come and join us!

Our first workshop for the 2023 - 2024 season is the Dresden Village Workshop.  This workshop is being held on Saturday, October 14 at the Keswick Ridge Community Hall.

Please reach out to if you are interested in attending!


Friday 6 October 2023

Barn Quilt Workshop blog post (guest blogger Carlinda Daigle!)

 Barn Quilt Workshop blog post

A group of ladies gathered at the Keswick Ridge community Hall on Monday, May 15th 2023 and they didn’t bring any sewing machines or needles just paint brushes and canvas.  We had a group of 13 ladies participate in the Barn Quilt workshop hosted by Heather Olmstead.

Everyone arrived and got all set up before the class began.


We put the teacher at the head of the class and someone even brought the teacher an apple 😊 Heather gave us a nice overview of how to prepare the canvas/plywood using the yellow frog tape.  


Trisha also shared some of her tips and tricks of doing barn quilts with us.  She was like having a second teacher there for us – which was great!  This beautiful blue quilt block is one of her previous creations.

After Heather’s quick instructions we all got to taping and painting!!





After the taping and painting comes the blow drying.  We had four blow dryers going the best part of the day.  One hair dryer was from a participant’s teen years, one was only used to thaw out pipes under a kitchen sink in a mini home, one was just in a bathroom cabinet waiting to be used and the fourth was used only on barn quilts projects. 


When we needed a break from blow drying, taping and painting we enjoyed a lovely treat from Ruth and Marilyn with our tea or coffee.  Ruth said she would share the recipe with us.


One of the participants did a lovely tulip and Trisha kindly showed us all how to shade the tulip on the canvas.  Trisha explained how you needed to be ever so gentle with the brush and the amount of paint you have on the angled brush.  


Heather shared these photos with me to include in the blog post – wow some of these are stunning!!  I hope they bring the finished product to our June meeting. 

Thank you so much ladies for joining us for the last workshop for 2022 – 2023!  

Monday 2 October 2023

September 2023 Guild meeting!

 Well better late than never they say!  

Thanks for your patience as life gets in the way of doing all the things!

Its been a beautiful September -I hope you all have gotten outside  -soon enough we'll be at our machines listening to the howling winter wind!

Our September meeting was held at the Keswick Ridge Community hall as usual! We had a great turn out and it was a beautiful night! 

Our guild meeting was Heather C's (with help from others) coverage of the Quilt Show in Halifax this summer.  The quilts were gorgeous!  Thanks Heather for your work in getting this set up for us!

After the presentation and usual business, we got right into show and tell! 

Here we have Heather with her gnomes!

and more project bags!  they are so great! we think we should have an upcoming workshop on how to do this!

Debby with a sweet quilt - isn't the back precious too!

Ruth showed some gorgeous brooches! 

Betty is always busy! This is a gorgeous one - the photo just doesn't do it justice! 

Sometimes my photos of the backs are........well lets just say 'terrible!' i'll get better!  Betty quilted it herself I do believe!

A gorgeous lonestar!  So Bright! I love that Betty's work has all ranges of colors!

And some wall hangings - didnt I say she was a busy one!

We've got some lucky recipients of these stockings!

And her first quilt! She did a great job! I love this layout - not something you see all the time!

Susan J quilt is scrappy-lious dont you think??!  

And the back shows the quilting - I think it was Cherie that quilted it (I could be wrong!)

Another one by Susan - love the fall colors!

Jody made these arm bands - I can see using these in so many different ways! Very inventive! 

Kathy H had these dishes of her moms and struggled to decide what to do with them....she is always inventive - and voila! Beautiful buttons!  One of a kind! 
Thanks Kathy for the supporting photo - I love these!

Toni has been busy stuffing pet beds! what a great way to recycle old clothing!

Finally this is my quilt - it's called Dear Son - by RebeccaMaedesigns.  I love this controlled scrappy look.  I made another of hers that I love as well.  Since I did not have any boy children, this I renamed to be Dear Grandson - he will get this when he gets a bit older - his stash of quilts is quite large ;) 

Thanks for listening! Please feel free to add your comments! (you never know when we might have a prize for doing so :)) !

Until next time!!!