Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Quilts from June!

First off - a thank you to Kathy Hildebrand for doing the blog this past little while! I doubt I'll be able to keep up to your standards!!

Kathy sent these over to me as a handoff - the first two quilts we have here are made by Betty Doherty and donated to our Comfort Quilt Stash!  Thank you Betty! 

Next up is a comfort quilt - we are not sure who pieced this quilt - as it was in our stash - however it was quilted by Susan Arbeau (me!)

Thank you to Leona Cameron at the Cotton Mill Guild who made this quilt for the Tiny Homes! 

Finally in this next batch of quilts are from Linda - the first one is a wall hanging for her son and daughter in law

Next is a Spring/Summer Table runner

and finally a wall hanging!

Beautiful work everyone! Thanks again Kathy!

We can be reached at krquilters@gmail.com

Don't forget to check out the details of our quilt show coming in September 2022!


Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Decor for the Quilt Show!

Good afternoon members!

As promised here is the link for the 45’s that we would like each member to make/contribute for the quilt show d├ęcor!


Record Coaster Sewing Tutorial – WeAllSew




Note that I had indicated that there may be a simpler way to do these by simply serging/zigzagging around the outside of the record- however the instructions seem to be very very easy – you will turn the ‘record’ and then cover the ‘hole’ with a circle – so it cant get much easier than that! 


I will leave it up to you!

We would love to see a couple from each member – and the sooner you can get them to the guilt show committee the better!!!


Save the DATE!!! September 23 and 24 2022!

 Mark your calendars!  Get Ready! Get Set!

We're gonna rock, rock, rock around the clock tonight!! Oh Wait!!!

It's a quilt show! I guess we'll QUILT AROUND THE CLOCK!

I bet there will be a poodle skirt or two!

I wonder if Sandy and Danny might be there?  She is a queen and he's such a dreamboat!

Let us take you back to the 50 and 60s for a rockin' Quiltin' good time!

The Keswick Ridge Quilters are busy planning our Quilt show for September 23 and 24th at the Burtts Corner Lions Club!

We will be sure to have a bash!!

Monday, 30 May 2022

Being Neighbourly

 During our May meeting a parade of quilts for the 12 Neighbours Tiny Homes project were shown. Many of these were from a sister guild in Fredericton. It is so wonderful that lots of quilters have been making quilts and that other community groups have also been helping support the efforts. As usual seeing so much beautiful work all in one spot was inspiring. Some of my pictures were a quite blurry and not included, but here are many of the quilts shown. Following that display is our member show and tell. Enjoy.

Kathy H made a bench pillow with an appliqued gnome camping scene.

Susan A has been busy. Someone gave her a table topper which she says she "quilted to death".

Susan picked up an Anne of Green Gables panel at a yard sale. Beautiful. She did some couching with white yarn,

While thinking of Ukraine, Susan made a pixelated sunflower.

And Susan has finished her Arkansas Crosswords that she was working on at retreat.

Heather used a Darcy Hunter pattern to make birch trees.

Debby H made a baby quilt which includes fabric from her sisters.

Andrea has finished her row by row.

Andrea says this is one of the 3 yard quilt patterns.

We thought these might be curling stones but they are macarons. 

Thesee are leftover blocks from Andrea's grandmother. Very delicate colours.

This piece has fabric from Andrea's mom.

Andrea made this wall hanging for her child who is a plant mom.

Andrea and Ron put their fabric together to make this for their couch. And also matching cushion covers.

For these 2 quilts Andrea used fat quarter scraps. She paired the brightest fabrics with black and the others with white.

Here Andrea has a star in a star in a star. . .

Linda has a wall hanging and a table topper.

Gisele has made a binding tool kit. It has everything you need.