Thursday, 15 November 2018

November meeting

Our November meeting was bustling, and member Heather  regaled us with tales from her trip up north.

She entertained us with a slideshow about life up north, her teaching experiences, exploring the landscape, and how to pronounce Tuktoyaktuk.

The she showed us some crafts and needlework. Heather has picked up a beading habit, and has tried basket weaving with willow reeds.

There are lots of items made from seal fur.

Afterwards, we had show and tell.

Heather showed how she has six runners done at once on the longarm, quilted by Ridge Machine Quilting.

Fran did FIVE lap quilts, using up her stash.

Rose Marie kept busy with a baby quilt and pillowcases.

Ethel made a stack and whack quilt.

Debbie did a modern attic window and stairway quilt.

Linda also did pillowcases and some wall hanging s for her church.

Brenda embroidered some Christmas pillows.

Sandra did a Christmas bargello runner.

Debbie did some lap quilts as well as Christmas runners and wall hangings.

Diane di the MacDonald House wall hanging.

Toni made sleeping bags for her three lucky grandchildren.

Joyce did a winter runner and a rope basket.

The fabric for the rope basket was given to her by her 95 year old friend at Meals on Wheels.

Elaine is working on this gorgeous quilt, all designed by her. It just needs quilted.

And Elaine also had this quilt finally quilted. She started it back in the nineties!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

October 2018 Meeting

For our October meeting, our members Marilyn, Melanie and Diane showed us how to use stamps, paper cutters, punches, and various other scrapbooking tools to make our own gift tags. Some of the tags also used scrap fabric for decorations.

After our meeting business, we got down to show and tell! First up was participants from Ron's Attic Windows class that was held on Sept 22nd.

Debbie's Cardinals.

Kathy's barn

Linda's wolves

Paula's horses

(Andrea worked on Ron's sample after the class was over. :D )

The rest of show and tell was beautiful!

Cat pillow - challenge for Debbie  from the Woodstock Guild

Debbie H and her stockings

Debbie made a LOT of centerpieces

Susan made a pillow cover for family members and the below quilt for her grandson so he had a blanket at daycare.

Kathy had Andrea quilt this special queen sized log cabin quilt. So many feathers!

Sandra's baby quilt

Andrea made a fall wall hanging from a kit

Andrea also likes paper piecing minis. Those squares were 1"!

Melanie did the attic window different, so you were outside looking in. She used bias tape for the fancy window. Melanie also did some felting shown below.

And that wraps up our October meeting!