Monday, 19 February 2018

2018 February

This is the video (click below) on how to sew the “stay-open utility bag” using the economical Pioneer Woman  placemat from Walmart.  It looks SUPER EASY!.  Thanks, Heather.
Our Program for this evening was Lois McDonald-Layden. She explained the art of felting and showed us how her art pieces are crafted. It was amazing to see the transformation of wool into these beautiful designs!

  • For tips and gadgets Heather told us about the inexpensive clips that can be purchased at Wal-Mart similar to wonder clips.
  • Joyce explained how to lay a needle in the palm of your hand over thread and threading the needle by rolling it back and forth over the needle.
  • Andrea suggested using small bits of batting on your Swiffer to clean the floor and pick up all the threads
  • Margie reminded us to fold quilts good side out so it does not create too many loose threads

We began Show & Tell with Kathy A showing the two quilts done at retreat.

Janet showed several of the eight pillow cases she completed at retreat

Heather purchased some "Sophie" material at retreat and made two retreat bags,
one for her and her daughter and a pillow case for her son.
Sophie is the name of their dog that just passed.

Darcy asked our opinion about the wood/sticks she uses on her wall hangings.
She had a customer suggest she use something more refined
but we like Darcy's trademark display.

This butterfly design was from one Janet Wright did at the Woodstock retreat.
This is for Brynn's bed.

Brynn, our youngest member received some needle felting
supplies at Christmas so she made this alpaca

Linda has been busy again. She had several panels so used these to make baby quilts.
She hand quilted them all!

 Linda  made two table runners from Missouri Star tutorials.
This one done the correct way and the second displayed done the "incorrect" way.

Linda made this beautiful wall hanging from reverse fabric
that Susan J gave her several years ago.

Linda also made this pillow.

Kathy H made this wall hanging at retreat. Her sister and Debbi also made them.

Kathy saved all her scraps from the quilt she made for retreat. she had 450 half
square triangles when she was done so made all of these
small projects and used them all!!

These were all quilted using the techniques and designs she learned at Linda Hubbard's course.

Debbi D showed us the wall hanging she made at retreat as well as the
purse insert she made for her daughter.
Debbi also made 5 pillow cases, pot trivet, a microwave bowl for hubby

Andrea made this quilt from fabric left after making her daughter a Disney Princess quilt.
The design is Yellow Brick Road.

Ron made this Attic Windows design from a panel. He can doa workshop for us next fall.

Ron designed this maze quilt and started it in July. He quilted it in December  and just bound it. Design time was about thirty hours so it took about 60 hours to produce this quilt.

Sheila persuaded a friend to make her this thread/garbage bag.
Joyce bought herself a quilting magazine for her stocking at Christmas
and did this runner for her daughter.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

January 2018

Our January meeting was held midst another stormy evening so our group was small. Andrea Rennick provided the Program explaining long arm quilting requirements, how it is done and why those specific needs are important and vary by company/quilter.


Tips and Gadgets
If it is hard to tell which way your bobbin is to be inserted, mark the top side with a permanent marker.

Heather O showed us the bracelet she received for can be used to measure both centimeters and inches when knitting, etc!

Heather took inspiration from the banners Melanie had produced for our quilt show. You made Christmas banners to decorate her home.

Melanie received a magazine from her mom that had a new technique from Crab Apple Hill Studios using white wax/crayons and embroidery.


These are the pillows she did using the new technique.

Andrea made a winter wall hanging by pasting circles on her design wall, used circle templates,
glued them on and then quilted it.

Julia has a friend whose daughter-in-law is having twins any day now.
She made two of these quilts for her.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

November 2017

Our program this month was on Row by Row quilting. Some of the samples used to talk about themes, colors, etc. are below.  Pinterest is a great tool for that!

For those who wanted to have the website to turn handwritten notes into tea towels :
Some new comfort quilts have been completed. Three adult and one baby quilt were donated at this meeting

Our Show and Tell opened with display of the Ella Bags made at the workshop. Everyone enjoyed this relaxed day and finished their projects with time to work on a few other things.

Christa made four of these. these ones are for her sister. the fabric came from robes from the priest and other items when a church in Germany closed. the others she made from green fabrics have already been sent as gifts. 

Leesa made this as a Christmas gift for her Grandson Owen. It is called Building Blocks and was quilted by Joan Gamble. She also made a grow chart for "O", a tooth fairy pillow for her granddaughter and a cosmetic bag.  Its been a productive month for Leesa!

Linda made several more hangings: a cardinal, Christmas Tree lights, the "Funky Christmas Tree and the "Perky Poinsettia"

Debbi was given a chocolate box a from a yard sale by a lady and it had the pattern called Endless Stairs and some fabric. At the Woodstock retreat she did this quilt. some of the blocks had been completed before. some of the hand sewn blocks were incorporated into the quilt.

Debby made several table toppers with the triangle ruler. maybe we will be able to talk her into a workshop on these toppers!

Andrea had some Halloween fabrics from a daughters 14th birthday and saved them. She recently got more fabrics at the Fredericton Guild meeting and decided to do this Candy corn Halloween quilt for herself.
Margie did this for her son-in-laws Christmas gift. There is a lot of applique in those four-wheelers! It was backed in minky and quilted by Joan Gamble.

When Joyce's mom passed away they had saved some material. Her mom loved tea and they calculated she had consumed over 100,000 cups in her days. She mad this beautiful wall hanging for her sister from some of the material. The red work girl on the bottom corner is holding a tea cup.

Ron and Andrea had both quilted a red work quilt. Andreas was completed in April and displayed so Ron quilted his and did some thread painting. After the quilt show Ron had a call for a quilt the same as he had created pattern and shown. While he was not able to get the exact fabrics he was able to buy a few jelly rolls on line and merged the Bali pops and other fabrics together for a close replica. Well done!