Thursday, 16 November 2017

November 2017

Our program this month was on Row by Row quilting. Some of the samples used to talk about themes, colors, etc. are below.  Pinterest is a great tool for that!

For those who wanted to have the website to turn handwritten notes into tea towels :
Some new comfort quilts have been completed. Three adult and one baby quilt were donated at this meeting

Our Show and Tell opened with display of the Ella Bags made at the workshop. Everyone enjoyed this relaxed day and finished their projects with time to work on a few other things.

Christa made four of these. these ones are for her sister. the fabric came from robes from the priest and other items when a church in Germany closed. the others she made from green fabrics have already been sent as gifts. 

Leesa made this as a Christmas gift for her Grandson Owen. It is called Building Blocks and was quilted by Joan Gamble. She also made a grow chart for "O", a tooth fairy pillow for her granddaughter and a cosmetic bag.  Its been a productive month for Leesa!

Linda made several more hangings: a cardinal, Christmas Tree lights, the "Funky Christmas Tree and the "Perky Poinsettia"

Debbi was given a chocolate box a from a yard sale by a lady and it had the pattern called Endless Stairs and some fabric. At the Woodstock retreat she did this quilt. some of the blocks had been completed before. some of the hand sewn blocks were incorporated into the quilt.

Debby made several table toppers with the triangle ruler. maybe we will be able to talk her into a workshop on these toppers!

Andrea had some Halloween fabrics from a daughters 14th birthday and saved them. She recently got more fabrics at the Fredericton Guild meeting and decided to do this Candy corn Halloween quilt for herself.
Margie did this for her son-in-laws Christmas gift. There is a lot of applique in those four-wheelers! It was backed in minky and quilted by Joan Gamble.

When Joyce's mom passed away they had saved some material. Her mom loved tea and they calculated she had consumed over 100,000 cups in her days. She mad this beautiful wall hanging for her sister from some of the material. The red work girl on the bottom corner is holding a tea cup.

Ron and Andrea had both quilted a red work quilt. Andreas was completed in April and displayed so Ron quilted his and did some thread painting. After the quilt show Ron had a call for a quilt the same as he had created pattern and shown. While he was not able to get the exact fabrics he was able to buy a few jelly rolls on line and merged the Bali pops and other fabrics together for a close replica. Well done!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

September 2017

The September meeting started off our new season with planning and information about our quilt show taking place at the end of the month. We then quickly moved on to see all the beautiful work completed over the summer!

Quilt Show Challenge projects were displayed first.
Elaine S designed this wall hanging for her quilt show challenge and calls it Northern Lights.

Melanie did this modern twist of a Hudson Bay Blanket in greys. she explained that the short black lines woven into Hudson Bay blankets just above the bottom set of stripes are referred to as "points." About four inches in length or two inches for half points, they indicate the finished overall size (area) of a blanket and allow a blanket's size to be easily determined while remaining folded. The "point" system was invented by French weavers in the mid-18th-century (point sizes of 3.5 (twin), 4 (double), 6 (queen) and 8 (king).[4] )

Debbie did a pillow with maple leaves. 

Ruth created this maple leaf shadow box!

Christa created a maple leaf table runner

Brenda did this pillow for a nephews lodge.

Debbie did a reversible pillow with moose on one side and a stained glass maple leaf on the back.

Jean B created a wall hanging she calls Maple Leaf Forever after the Canadian song written in 1867, the year of Canada's Confederation. The song became quite popular in Canada and for many years served as an unofficial national anthem. She also made a small maple leaf hanging.

Bobbi made this maple leaf quilt with scraps she had; it was quilted by Ron & Andrea.
We continued with our other projects.
Marilyn did this topper from a Lori Holt pattern and will have it quilted by Joan Gamble before the show!

Ruth 's quilt was also quilted by Joan
Ruth also completed this quilt pattern based on the Mystery Quilt Challenge from two years ago.

Joan made and quilted this baby quilt.

Susan made this from St Jude's Charity quilt 2015 pattern.

She quilted and made this flower quilt also.

Debby made this lap quilt from fabric she purchased a few years ago at retreat.

Since Debby retired she has more time so used some fabric left over from making an apron to do this table runner....then two table toppers...then a miniature quilt.

Debby also quilted this moose wall hanging!

Ella showed us this Signature quilt that was a gift to Debby. it was done by herself and Kathy H on the request of Debby's co-workers for her retirement. She is also up to 67 wallets now!

Rose-Marie made this Canada quilt, the centre is a panel with coordinating fabric.

This quilt was started at last years retreat by Christa. she says it is the first full quilt she has done from a pattern and she followed it....with a few minor changes...LOL

When Christa saw this pattern from Quilts of Valour she fell in love with it. She made this quilt for a friend and will present it to him on behalf of quilts of Valour after the show.

Fran has been busy! Her first quilt shown is for her Mom at Pine Grove.
The pattern is called Fence Rail Star

The Popsicle Sticks quilt is for a niece who loves purple! 

her third quilt was started as a lap quilt but grew using Christmas Colors in this Mardi Gras quilt.

the other quilt she has completed since this January is one for her hubby. She bought the material years ago and used the pattern lucky Stars.  Her quilts were quilted by Nancy at Lansdown Studio.

Andrea began this quilt a few years ago using the 1930's theme fabrics. It is called Grandmothers Garden and took some time to finish...especially with all those gorgeous prairie points! She quilted it herself.

Ron's quilt is from a pattern he created called Cross Reflection.  (They have donated a copy to our library) The simple black and whites with the black and white reflecting fabrics  was quilted freehand on their long arm.

Kathy H made this quilt from a pattern received at Cecile Grants scrappy workshop called Crossroads. Kathy took home 1st Place from the Exhibition with this beautiful work.

Lise designed this quilt and had it quilted by Ron and Andrea.

This is her husband's Blankie! Part was done by hand and part by machine.

Lise did two blankets for herself, one with Batiks and one with penguins that is a quilt as you go.


Darcy made several wall-hangings. the first one is birch trees.

This little Christmas quilt is for her friends mom to brighten her nursing home room.

The flowers on this are made from a number of different textiles.

Darcy used one of the postcard patterns that she enlarged to make this wall hanging.

Brynn designed and made this wall hanging with a collage of scraps; she loves beaches so much she thought it made a perfect theme!