KRQ Executive

President:             Heather Olmstead
Past President:     Darcy A
Vice-President:    Andrea R
Membership:        Christa G
Treasurer:            Elaine S
Secretary:             Toni O
Programs:            Shared responsibility
·         Sept. – quilt show;
·         Oct. – Andrea R: Internet Safety;
·         Nov. -  Marilyn, Ruth and Melanie: Row by Row;
·         Dec. – Christmas Dinner, Melanie;
·         Jan. – Mary Ellen;
·         Feb. Debbie H;
·         Mar. – Joy Cummings;
·         April -  Andrea or Darcy;
·         May – Chrystal (from Miramichi);
·         June – Toni
Library:               Diane S and Leesa R 
Fat Quarters:      Joy C. and Sally H
Workshops:         Ella L and Lise C
Facilities:             Joyce S
Blog:                     Janet Blair
Comfort Quilts:   Kathy Anderson

For more information about the Keswick Ridge Quilters email