Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April Meeting

Lois MacDonald from Kings Landing shared some of the quilts from the Kings Landing with us.  She let us know that these quilts belong to the province of New Brunswick and they are OUR quilts.  Many of the quilts that she shared were from the 1800s.  When Kings Landing was first established many of the old quilts were used on the beds.  Gradually these original quilts have been copied and the old quilts are carefully stored and the replicas are used today.  The following two pictures are of the original quilts and their replicas.  Care has been taken to match the patterns and the colours.

Lois also shared the fact that when clothing is made at Kings Landing the quilts are used to help decide on the colours and design of the fabric for the clothing.  All of the quilts Lois shared with us were beautiful works of art and history.

This beautiful quilt had too many pieces to count.

This is a log cabin coverlet.


  1. Very well done Blog. I have been ill and unable to attend any meetings since December and it was so nice to see what has been going on. Great job!

    1. Thanks Marg, hope you are soon feeling better. I am still a little slow getting pictures posted but it's a good learning experience

  2. Heather, just for a FYI, I could not comment on the newer posts. I also can not "follow" could you add that gadget, and the follow by email too. I would appreciate it!! I am blogging about my visit, got some pictures