Tuesday, 8 April 2014

March 2014

At our March meeting Joan Baldwin from Victoria Quilts visited and talked about how the organization began and has grown, the different needs and how we can help, how donated quilts are used, various patterns typically used.  We then saw a large number of quilt tops and some finished quilts that were being delivered to people in the area.


Diane shared the quilt that was hand quilted at retreat.  The quilt had been pieced by Joyce and is being donated to Alzheimer's Society as that was one of Joyce's favorite charities.  Joyce had sewn many scarfs, bags and quilts and donated funds to her charities.

This is the finished quilt and label attached to it.


The banner made for Keswick Ridge School was shown. Sandra C donated the yellow and blue fabric. Christa G cut out the letters. Pat A appliqued the letters. Sandra will finish by making the side sleeves to fit the poles. Thank you, ladies. It is a nice thank you to the school for allowing the guild to use their facility from time to time for workshops free of charge.

Following program and our meeting we enjoyed our Show and Tell.

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