Tuesday, 14 October 2014

October 2014

We began our October meeting with Cecile Grant talking about Underground Railroad and the role of both quilts and songs. It is believed that secret messages in the form of quilt patterns helped slaves escape the bonds of captivity in the Southern states before and during the American Civil War. Slaves could not read or write; it was illegal to teach a slave to do so. Codes, therefore, were important to the slaves’ existence and their route to freedom, which eventually became known as the Underground Railroad. Some forms of dance, spirituals, code words and phrases, and memorized symbols all allowed the slaves to communicate with each other on a level their white owners could not interpret.

Most quilt patterns had their roots in African traditions the slaves brought with them to North America when they were captured and forced to leave their homeland. The Africans’ method of recording their history and stories was by committing them to memory and passing them on orally to following generations. Quilt patterns as codes were passed down the same way. The quilt patterns, used in a certain order, relayed messages to slaves preparing to escape. Each pattern represented a different meaning. Some of the most common patterns were “Monkey Wrench,” “Star,” “Crossroads” and “Wagon Wheel.” 

Show & Tell
Nelvana began this at retreat and finished by hand quilting it!

Darcy "X's and O'" is a gift for a niece

Debbie "Marbling" involves mixing shaving cream and paints then laying fabric on it.

Ornaments from a YouTube video

"My Favorite Things" Challenge with friends staring dogs she has owned

A few amazing yard sale finds above and then Linda's quilt and wall hanging for her granddaughter

Joyce made this "Pick Up Sticks" from a book in our library.

Brenda finished a beach bag and "Whispers in the Wind".

Pauline's first quilt, pieced in a day!

Susan made this quilt from a picture she say in a book.

Diane completed her quilt-as-you-go Daisy runner

Brend L made this candle mat at the workshop in September (Sorry its a  bit blurry because it does not show the perfect points)

Elizabeth's mother Ruth hand marked and quilted this for her granddaughters wedding gift. (Three weeks and two days to complete it)
Elizabeth made the quilted and pillow for her daughter's wedding gift.
Sandra machine quilted it.

Sandra also made the lucky couple a bed runner to match

Pumpkin twister

Christa made this "Collage" maple leaf runner.  Each leaf is a collage of many fabrics.

Joyce completed her Four-sided placemats from last months workshop/workday.

Kathy A's "Underground Railroad" Quilt

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