Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2016 June Potluck & Meeting

We all enjoyed  a wonderful potluck with lots of games. Several people went home with enough two inch strips to make a small quilt! We welcomed Joan Gamble (Long arm quilter) and Caeley C.  as visitors and two of our senior life members: Ruth G and Jessica.

Kathy A shared a great recipe for making spray starch. Take the cheapest vodka you can find (better potato starch) add 1 ounce of vodka to 1 cup of water. Add a drop of scent such as linen (found in craft aisles for making potpourris), and spray away.

show and Tell

Marcie showed two comfort quilts made by Andrea

Wendy made a lap quilt for a wedding gift for friends from Parlee Beach. The pattern in he book had mixed the sizes of the templates, some were half scale. She had cut several pieces before she realized it so she made a mini version for herself!

Joanne's grandson loves Star Wars so she made him pillowcases and a dress for her great niece.

Dixie found a pattern for bags so made a number of those from charm packs

She also made some Christmas candle mats.

Elizabeth had purchased a book at Country Crafts and Curtains when the guild first started. She has worked away on it and incorporated a few extra appliques like the Canadian flag. she and her mom Ruth quilted it.

Olivia saw this pattern in a magazine from the retreat, purchased material and made it at retreat. She used scraps to make small hearts. Ruth G, her grandmother quilted it for her.

Kathy H continued making quilt sleeves for her challenge with a flower garden, clothes line for

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