Wednesday, 17 January 2018

January 2018

Our January meeting was held midst another stormy evening so our group was small. Andrea Rennick provided the Program explaining long arm quilting requirements, how it is done and why those specific needs are important and vary by company/quilter.


Tips and Gadgets
If it is hard to tell which way your bobbin is to be inserted, mark the top side with a permanent marker.

Heather O showed us the bracelet she received for can be used to measure both centimeters and inches when knitting, etc!

Heather took inspiration from the banners Melanie had produced for our quilt show. You made Christmas banners to decorate her home.

Melanie received a magazine from her mom that had a new technique from Crab Apple Hill Studios using white wax/crayons and embroidery.


These are the pillows she did using the new technique.

Andrea made a winter wall hanging by pasting circles on her design wall, used circle templates,
glued them on and then quilted it.

Julia has a friend whose daughter-in-law is having twins any day now.
She made two of these quilts for her.

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